Reusable Resources in Old Bathrooms

When something gets old or it is time to upgrade to the ‘fresh and new’ item, the first thing that comes to mind is how to dispose of the old and tattered item. Throwing out some material can be a bio-hazard to the environment, hence it is important to consider reusing or recycling some of these items. In fairly old bathrooms, there are items that you can make use of and items that can be fixed or reused if the proper maintenance is completed.

  • Shower curtains

Are you considering what to do with that old bathroom shower curtain? Throwing it away should not be among your options. Here are a number of things you can do with the curtain. First, you can consider making a tote bag from it. You can design it stylishly to hold your stuff such as your phone, purse or books. You can also use them to cushion your dining seats. A fancier way of using the curtain is using its décor to make a fabulous wall art to christen your bedroom or living room. You can mount it on a frame and hang it up. You can also go the extra mile and make the curtain as a bed for your pet. Your dog and cat could never have a much more comfortable bedding!

  • Detergent containers

At the bathroom, you may be in possession of containers that hold mouth wash or soap. When the fluids end, the containers can be put to good use by using them as flower holsters. You can add water to them and put flowers or plants in them. The containers can also be designed and shaped to create marvellous decorations for your bathroom. You can also add a spray lid to the bottles to make them conducive for spraying pesticides to plants and flowers in the garden.

  • Cracked bathroom tiles

Maybe you or your children have dropped a glass or plate on your super-expensive bathroom tiles, maybe after years of showers and baths the humidity has had an affect on the polished concrete tiles you once adored. You can always reuse these tiles in other parts of the home that may not have as much surface area that needs to be covered, they can make great decorations for picture frames or even a great garden tile piece. You can also use them to add to any other alternative flooring throughout your home, maybe in the laundry.

  • Towel holders

Your towel holders can also be re-used elsewhere. For one, you can use the holder to hold your clothes in the closet. Using a hanger, you can get your jackets and shirts in place at the bedroom. The holders can also be great for clinging garden plants such as passion plants.

  • Bathroom mats

Old bathroom mats, especially the cotton ones, can be a very great addition to the house. They can be used to make bathroom sandals when they have been shaped perfectly. They make pretty comfortable shoes. The cotton mats can also be used as patio mats.

  • Toilet paper roll

When the toilet paper ends, you may not know what to do with the brown roll that remains. Well, you can throw it away, but then, why not make mind-blowing stuff from it! These brown rolls can be used for so many things. For one, they make wonderful flower holsters! When soil is added into it, it creates a wonderful environment for plants to grow from. The rolls can also be used to make wonderful decorations and safe paper toys for the children to play with.

  • Pipes from ‘Damaged’ plumbing

If you have recently completed a bathroom renovation and found issues through your water supply or realised there is a blocked drain located under your sink, you may feel as if there is no solution other than to clear house and install a whole new drainage system. This isn’t the case, if you can find a way to clear blocked drains, you have found a way to re-purpose your initially damaged plumbing system and can reutilise it for another part of the home, like the kitchen or laundry.

  • Old bathroom towels

Before throwing out towels, you should consider a few options. Towels have a comfy nature to them, thus making them almost suitable to make anything out of. For one, you can make mittens. They are thick and comfortable thus suitable for it. The towels can also be used to make wonderful pouches to hold your pens and hair clips. You can also design the towel to make tooth paste and tooth brush holder for your bathroom. The bathroom towels can also make wonderful bathroom sandals.

The next time you consider throwing out some equipment from your old bathroom, you should look at the positivity they can bring when re-used. Even when renovating the old bathroom, a number of them might still be in good shape to be left the way they are.