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The time has arrived where it seems it is time for homebuyers to invest in their first home. At the moment, it is a buyers market which makes it the best time to strike.


So you are in the buyers market, but what does it mean and how can it benefit you?

The market previously went through the seller’s market, which was where the vendors were holding all the cards, and the prices of homes were higher than ever. That war is now over. The buyers market is here which presents you with a great time to buy and invest without worrying about paying more than you wanted to spend. The competition, however, is still alive within the market. Still, it seems to only be existing between the sellers. Sellers are in a fight with prices due to the effects of coronavirus. This means the property prices are lowering, which is a great advantage for first home buyers. The downside to this is the fact that the lending criteria is more strict. It is vital that you seek advice and make sure you do your research.


The upside

It can be hard to go through the news without seeing that housing prices are significantly lowered right across Australia. If you are a property connoisseur, then you may ask if it is a good investment if the downturn continues on. It is important to remember that the prices of homes are still 35 per cent higher than that of five years ago. Grabbing a home at a lesser price will still give you overall growth. Property investment strategies involve buying a property at a low price and then renting or selling it for a higher value.


People ask, should they wait for the bubble to burst?

You need to ask yourself if waiting for the property bubble to burst has left you somewhat polarised. Don’t worry; you are not alone here. Making the right decisions based on an infamous property bubble is not smart business. Headlines will make you believe that the bubble is looming over the horizon. This has been the case for far too long. The markets will end up going through different cycles with different influences that are impacting the market. If you are staying within the desired property endeavours, spend. There is no need to wait for the property bubble to burst.


Low-interest rate environment

Australia is finding itself sitting within a low-interest rate. Interest rates have gone much lower recently as the years have passed on. Therefore, homeowners are able to enter the buying market without going through the same trouble as the previous generation did. If the changes to credit have told us anything, it is that we need to grab loans now while the rates are low and hurry before they spike up again.


Buying your first home or first investment property is rewarding but is also an emotional rollercoaster sometimes too. Timing is everything when it comes to buying a home. Don’t get caught on the wrong side of the property market when it comes to securing a home. If you are unsure of when the right time to strike is, seek the advice from a professional mortgage broker who can help you find the best deal and will know when the best time to strike is. Getting it wrong can see you in more trouble than it is worth. Property management services are recommended if you are going to be renting out your new property.


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Glulam is an abbreviated phrase that stands for glue-laminated wood. Glulam is produced out of many layers of solid wood timber bonded along with high-strength glue to form a single structural unit. Builders frequently refer collectively to all kinds of laminated beams or other laminated structural timber substances as glulams. Glulams are flexible and advanced construction materials utilized widely in commercial in addition to residential projects.

Glulam Structure

A glue-laminated wood is an engineered wood product, which means it is made of timber but is robust and built to exact specifications to create a predictable, dimensionally stable construction material. Other common engineered timber products include plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), and laminated veneer lumber (LVL). A glulam beam resembles a heap of 2 x 4s (or bigger timber ) glued with their broadsides. This is compared to other engineered associates, like LVL (laminated veneer lumber) and Microlam beams, that seem like quite thick plywood, using fragile layers of wood glued together to make a denser mass.

Glulam timbers are offered in many standard widths and lengths and maybe custom-fabricated to fulfil just about any style specifications. They are widely employed for prominent curved or curved members to construct vaulted roofs, domes, as well as bridges. Glulam construction provides superior stiffness and strength within dimensional lumber and pound-for-pound it’s more durable than steel. Connections for glulam beams are generally made out of bolts or metal dowels and metal plates.

Common Programs for Glulam Timbers

Glulam timbers may be utilised in a vast array of programs and also for both indoor and outdoor jobs. Common types include:

-Straight beams, such as lintels, purlins, ridge beams, and floor beams

-Columns, such as round, square, and Intricate segments

-Tied rafters


-Tied arches

-Arched bridge supports

-Exotic beams

Strength Classification

Particular potency properties categorise glulam members and are given a score in the stream classification method. The first area of the evaluation is that the benchmark bending design value, or its flexural loading. By way of instance, a classification of 24F suggests that it has 2,400 pounds per square inch (psi) of flexural loading. The next area of the evaluation is that the corresponding modulus of elasticity worth of this glulam member. By way of instance, a tag of 24F-1.8E signals a benchmark bending design value of 2,400 psi and a modulus of elasticity of 1.8 x 10^6 psi.

Glulam Grades

Glulam substance comes in four distinct look ranges, as recorded in American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A190.1 (2017s):

1.Framing. Framing look grade is the most natural selection for home-building and other regions where glulam is defined and will be put together with dimension lumber. This tier is recommended just for use in hidden areas.

2.Industrial. Industrial-grade look for glulam substance is suggested for areas in which the aesthetics aren’t a significant concern. Beneath this look level, the glulam is slightly better than using the grade, but it isn’t a decorative item. It needs to be utilised in areas not visible to the public. This look indicates a few timber imperfection on its surfaces, like knots and voids.

3.Architectural. When glulam is utilised as a facade substance or vulnerable component, the architectural-grade look is highly suggested. This grade provides a high quality completed item, where wood voids and imperfections are treated or filled to offer a smoother, more appealing coating.

4.Premium. This calibre of glulam can be obtained only through particular arrangement and generally is reserved for specific conditions or predetermined regions. Premium-grade glulam gives the smoothest surfaces to the highest-quality completed item.

Why should you use Glulam?

Glulams aren’t just powerful, cheap, and extremely customizable; they are also resource-efficient as they’re created out of relatively tiny pieces of timber to make a sizable wood that would otherwise need big, old-growth. Glulams provide many benefits to builders and designers:

-Versatile use as roofing and flooring beams, columns, bracing, decking, and other structural elements

-An eco-friendly substance with very low formaldehyde levels

-Capable of producing unsupported lengths of over 500 ft

-Reduced transport and handling costs

-Easy setup and surface fix

-Customizable to match Exceptional requirements

-Standard sizes available instantly

-Manufactured in well-managed woods and accredited to PEFC criteria

-Great fire resistance; could outlast steel beams under Precisely the Same fire requirements

-Made to exact measurements

Tips about Handling and Storage

Glulam members ought to be managed carefully to avoid any damage or decrease in their structural capacity. To reduce surface scratches cloth slings when lifting. Participants must be stored vertically, if at all possible, and always ought to be guarded against the weather with a covering of vinyl sheeting. Unless glulam substance is designed for vulnerable areas, it needs to be protected from outside exposure until it’s about to be set up.

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Things you set down your drain has an effect on both pipes in your house and the environment, and it is essential to realise how your plumbing functions and how to decrease the harm it can do to your property and the surroundings.

You will accomplish those aims rather than placing the next things down your drain. And you may lower your budget, as repairing blocked drains can be expensive. You must avoid the following things which lead to blocked drains:


Grease adheres into the interior of the sewer pipes, either on your premises or at the road. Over time it may block the whole pipeline. Instead, scrape dirt to the garbage.

Oils are a significant contributor to drain clogs, including mayonnaise, salad dressing, dressing, cooking oils and fats from cooking legumes, like sausage, steak and poultry. Motor oil and transmission fluid should not go off as they can lead to a blocked kitchen sink.

Egg Shells

Egg cubes are made up of a tough outer shell and a thin membranous inner coating. The shells are tough on the blades of the garbage disposal, as a result reducing the overall lifetime of the machine.

The thin membranous coating may wrap around the milling device and slow the engine till it burns. The shells can compound the maturation of different blockages.

Coffee Grounds

These do not damage your garbage disposal and might help absorb smells. However, they do collect in your plumbing and boost the risk you will encounter a clogged drain. Coffee reasons do make a superb addition to your mulch pile.

Expandable Foods

Foods such as pasta and rice continue to enlarge as they soak residual water on your garbage disposal and drain pipes. Pasta is made up of semolina flour, which becomes tacky and readily gums up your plumbing.


Perhaps you have blended water and flour together? Primarily, this generates glue, sticking into the surfaces of the drain pipes and catching some other small pieces of garbage on the way.

Create Decals

You would not think about utilising your sink to eliminate your grocery, but these to produce stickers frequently fall off when you are washing fruits and veggies.

They frequently contain bits of plastic and are coated with glue, neither of which can be water-soluble. They might be captured in grease coat your drains, catch trapped in hoses and pumps or block the filters and displays in your water treatment plant.

Paper Products

Toilet newspaper is designed to break apart from water finally. Other paper products don’t split apart after being flushed down the toilet after going through the garbage disposal in your sink. Products such as paper towels, feminine hygiene products and cotton balls must enter your garbage can instead.

Every one of these things has a higher absorbency speed, which makes them ideal for clogging your plumbing.

Biodegradable or ‘Flushable’ Products

A number of the products marketed as flushable or ammonia can meet specific criteria for the duration, but often raise your chance of clogs.

For example, flushable cat litter is still extremely absorbent from the drain. Cat urine can take the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis, which isn’t ruined in water therapy and is a danger to marine creatures.

Wet wipes are another critical problem on your sewer drain. They do not disintegrate correctly and frequently combine with other goods to generate a vast super-knot.

Paint and Cleaning Products

Even though they are in liquid form, these products both increase your chance of creating a drain clog and pollute the environment. Your town will have distinct requirements for oil and latex paint; therefore, it is crucial that you get that info from the municipality.

Traditional cleaning products frequently contain phosphates, antibacterial agents as well as other chemicals which don’t often get eliminated in the water treatment plant. Instead, create your cleaning products in your home with environmentally secure vinegar, baking soda and essential oils.


It may seem plausible to flush out your current or expired medicine down the toilet or crush it into your garbage disposal; however, study shows that a large number of these drugs don’t get eliminated at the regional wastewater treatment plant then enter the surroundings.

Your tap water probably has a tiny quantity of medication you are drinking daily, as wastewater treatment nor wash water therapy until it gets delivered into your house can eliminate medications.


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It is said that your home is your castle and with that in mind, you should treat it like one. Let’s say you decide to spruce up your current living space or give it a total facelift; you will need to find a theme that fits your style. Then again, with so many styles and themes available, this may not be the easiest thing to do. In such a case, however, a central theme works best. This is simply because a central theme basically asks you to choose a concept and work with it. This can range from patterns to the colour or even the furnishing. Either way, the bottom line is that everything must come together to make the look complete. Here are some of the advantages of going with a central theme.

You can get creative

This is especially important in home decorating because you can personalise the look as much as you want and your ideas can come together very easily. If this is your first time decorating, take some time to think about the theme you plan on using. For example, if you choose to go with colors like blue as your theme, you can break it up with blows of white or even try different shades of blue for more variety which would give you a beach style furniture finish.

Anyone can do it

You don’t need to be an expert with years of decorating experience to put your home together. But at the same time, it can’t hurt to have a second opinion. Putting a central theme together can be done easily based on the fact that the central theme you select would be a base or template for everything else. All you need is one idea, and the other things will start to flow from that initial thought. If you need more information, you can try catching up on the basics such as pattern mixing, texture, and furniture arrangement. You will see the difference in the end.

Provides personal insight

The choice and style of decorations you select should be an extension of who you are as an individual. As mentioned earlier, it’s essential to ensure that you’re comfortable with the style you chose, because you will be the one living in the space. Sometimes, you may not be sure what you’re looking for until you find it and there’s no proper explanation, but when you see it, you’ll know that’s the one. In terms of a more coastal approach of home interiors, one may be influenced by personal lifestyle in the area or maybe prior knowledge of experiencing something related. Either ways, the end result would define who you are as a person and what you made out of it.

Allows cohesiveness

Even though the individual pieces of a room may be beautiful, there are cases when they don’t blend well to form the bigger picture. This can cause your central theme to look like a hot mess of furniture and colors. Pay attention to each individual factor and try to incorporate each piece with the central theme. Looking into things such as lighting, colour selection, and your focal point are just a few of the elements that will make your living space come alive.

With the guidelines provided, you should have a better understanding of how you can use a central theme to bring your home together. Looking on things now, it doesn’t seem so hard, does it? This is because it really isn’t difficult.

All you need is an idea of the basics, and you can allow your creativity to work. Let’s not forget, getting a second opinion can provide you with more ideas and things to pick and choose from. So with that being said, take some time and ensure that you get it right. After all, it’s your handiwork, and you want it to be something that will not only make you feel comfortable, but you will feel pleased to know that it was all you.


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In an environment with a low rate of interest, Australian investors are chasing better returning resources but none as hot as residential and commercial real estate.

While residential investments have boomed for the past four years, commercial ones (particularly those with long leases) are also highly sought after because they generally produce higher yields of between 5 to 7 percent in capital cities. The return is higher in regional areas (around 8-10 percent) but there are greater risks for tenants. By comparison, as it has been told, residential investments are returning an average combined capital return of 3.2 percent.

For as long as I can recall, strip retail and shopping centers are among the desired property types for investors. These are usually popular with vendors such as restaurants or boutiques and tend to get filled up fast, depending on its location and other factors. One example could be the retail center in North Hobart filled with niche market shops as well as restaurants with some of the best dinner menu in Hobart.

This has changed dramatically over the last two years since lackluster retail trade figures and the rise of the internet has cut to the outlook for rental returns. Another business property type to have had a dive in popularity has been the development areas.

While listing prices are put in many markets lately, a drop in foreign property developers and fewer investors in the market has led to a drop in demand for these sites. What, then, would be the industrial forms worth looking at today?

The Return of The Office

The ‘return of the offices’ have been trending down for a while now and while the cost for office suites and buildings have continued to grow, the decline of these tenants has been an issue.

This has turned, and the prognosis for rental growth is favorable in several markets — even the ones that have had higher vacancy rates like Perth and Brisbane.

Which property will benefit the most from technological change?

Online retailing requires it, future farming needs it and finally, driverless cars will require a lot of it. Industrial properties are the main beneficiary of technological change.

While a lot of these are long-term structural changes to industrial property demand, right now occupation growth across Australia is making this a highly desired property type.

It is not just large warehouses in outer metro areas, we are also seeing a rise in demand for smaller properties in inner suburban areas.

Resorts Are Still Going Strong Despite The Airbnb Setback

Airbnb has been a significant disruption throughout the world. It is therefore perhaps a bit surprising to see that resorts continue to be high in demand. Australia is seeing strong growth in tourism numbers, particularly from China in which 1.3 million people arrived over the previous 12 months. One of the best hotels in Hobart Tasmania is still attracting visitors due to its creative marketing efforts.

While the increase of Chinese tourists is very strong, other nationalities such as tourists from India, the US, and Canada have seen strong increases at the same time.

Look to top tourist destinations to determine where the demand is strongest — out of perennial favorites such as the Gold Coast to emerging hot spots like Hobart and Adelaide.

Should you turn your back on retail and development websites?

While the belief towards retail property has turned into, not all of retail is doing poorly and some regions are doing especially well.

Chapel Street in South Yarra may be fighting to attract tenants however up the road in Windsor, a strong restaurant precinct has developed. Similarly, purchasing centers with strong catchments continue to thrive. While more of us store online, not all shopping will be done online.

For development sites, the key now is to pick areas where demand for flats is strongest. While investors have staged a retreat, first home buyers have grown across all capital cities over the previous 12 months.

In most capital cities, first home buyers receive favorable grants if they purchase a new property — whether that’s a home or an apartment. Places such as Geelong, where apartments generally failed to see a strong need, have seen a jump in search action on

Perhaps you have missed the boat?

With monetary expansion going away in Sydney and Melbourne residential property markets, more investors are shifting its sight at commercial property, attracted by better profits and in some cases, bigger chance for growth.

At the moment, the demand for commercial real estate remains strong and we are not seeing the slowdown that is evident in residential.

It’s, however, getting expensive. As such, doing your research to comprehend the best markets to get, as well as tenant advocacy services, is more significant than ever.

Next, we have included a tiny segment for smaller shareholders. People who wish to invest in a modest capital of $100,000 may benefit from studying this.


These days, even simply to have a start on the property ladder, then you’re taking a look at signing onto a mortgage over half a million bucks.

But in the commercial real estate market, it would appear you may still get your foot in the door without hitting those astronomical price amounts.

Whether that is taking on your small company, investing in an office space for leasing or to be occupied for yourself, or perhaps living out the Aussie dream of running your own country pub; here is what you can still buy for less than $100,000 around Australia.

An Island Cafe

It may appear to be an incredibly rare find, but for $90,000 it is possible to get an established cafe on the scenic Norfolk Island of NSW.

The popular local cafe has recently been remodeled to be more open and modern and is centrally located in the island’s most important shopping precinct (if you do not mind the two-hour travel to fly there from the mainland).

The café, with up to 80 square meters, also features an ice creamery into the side which is very popular with all the after-school rush.

A Bar in Country Victoria

The iconic country bar has a special place in several Australians hearts. So it’s no surprise you may have heard a friend say “I would love to own my own pub one day”, or maybe you’ve even said so yourself.

Well here’s your chance; this circa 1914 bar on the foreshore of Little Lake Boort in Victoria, offers five cold beers on tap, a drive-thru bottle shop, restaurant, TAB, lodging and also a function room all on a 2000-square-meters — the ideal first bar really.

With a price tag of $98,000, the sale is only for the 14-year lease, not the property itself, but it still retains the dream alive.

An Inner-city Office Space

While being small, this office area is located at a prominent business precinct in South Melbourne.

At 17 square meters, you can get yourself or a small team started in your next business enterprise or start-up.

The workplace is part of the St Kilda Rd Towers complex with parking, shared boardroom, concierge, kitchen, fitness center, bar, and restaurants all located on site. It’ll set you back $80,000 excluding GST. 

Your Hotel Investment

It may just be a hotel room but situated in Carrara halfway between the beaches and the hinterland of this glittering Gold Coast, this might be the ‘buy and forget’ type of investment you’re after — for $82,000 excluding GST. The hotel rivals this luxury accommodation in Tasmania, so you know that the investment will be worth the money.

Run by Accor Group and Mercure Gold Coast Resort, they’ll take care of the letting and reservations while you plan your very own discounted remain.

Investing in a hotel room might be something that you want to do if you frequent the area a lot. It would be like your own private accommodation, with added benefits such as access to the hotel facilities, especially if the hotel is known as one of the best luxury resorts in Tasmania.