Making renovation enjoyable, not a chore

renovating should not be a bore

Is it possible to stop yourself from hating renovation time? Can we actually make it enjoyable?

Sure, renovations are stressful even if you are well within budget, within the time-frame given and the plan is working great so far. You will still come into contact with the renovation boredom and stress at some point. Your whole routine is turned upside down; stuff ends up everywhere, you can’t find anything, dust is everywhere you step.

Here is a list of tips to help break the cycle of renovation chore:

Remember to laugh

Renovations are not going to be easy but make sure you laugh about it. Have a few laughs about the silly masks and outfits you are wearing. Muck around a little and in your tea, breaks think of fun times in your life and discuss them to keep the laughter alive.

Grow to accept all the mess

We all think we can clean the house as the renovations are going on. Thinking everything will stay organised and where it is now is not going to happen. The mess will drive you crazy the dust, dirt, demolition work, bits and pieces everywhere. Try not to fuss over it. It can get hard when things are not organised. It can help during renos to have storage baskets and boxes available to put items in, so they can be kept in the same room such as kitchen tools and utensils that are kept within the kitchen. This can make it easier to find things, and you won’t be growing stress as you are running all over the house looking for the scissors.

Create a to-do list

There are so many decisions to make during a renovation. With so much going on it can be hard to forget things and that is when we can start feeling overwhelmed, confused and angry. Make a to-do list can help keep things in order and help you to feel organised within all the mess and clutter.

Take one step at a time

Do one thing at a time. Sometimes when people get bored, they tend to move onto something else before the current one gets finished. Steer clear from doing this. If you have too many things on the go, you can feel overwhelmed. You need to accept things take time to do and you got to keep the motivation there to finish one project before starting another.

Have fun

Learn to have fun and take time out to do things you enjoy. You don’t need to invest every single minute of your life to renovations. They will wait for you. However, your sanity might not. Don’t bore yourself with renovating by putting 100% in it. Take regular breaks, go for a walk, catch up with friends do everything you often do to ensure you are not getting depressed stuck within the world of renovating.

Don’t get fooled into thinking the more time you invest in the renovations, the quicker it will get done while this is true the effects of doing that on your sanity and body isn’t for the best. You can get drained constantly working on renovations and that is when injuries can happen from accidents when you are working drained and tired.
Renovating is a fun experience in life, and it is exciting to sit back and enjoy your freshly renovated home for years to come.